Sunday, January 7, 2007

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie kinda reopened my taste for Meryl Streep. I was never into "easy" movies, so she was always on my list of favourites, as Glenn Close, Susan Sarandon, Emma Thompson and some other good actresses are.

I dislike the media's interest for SEXY actresses. Or at least what they think it's sexy. For many people an actress becomes this when she's dressed in raunchy clothes, better off naked in "expressive" positions.

Well, no, in my books a woman can be sexy even if she's dressed in a casual (and let's face it ugly) dress as in The Bridges of Madison County. Meryl Streep doesn't need to wear tight clothing, not even make up, to really shine.

It was pretty funny to re-watch this movie after seeing The Devil Wears Prada for 7 times in 5 days. It's a new Meryl Streep in here. An ... don't know if I could use older as a word since she doesn't look old, she just looks refined ... Meryl Streep, in the role of a bitchy editor in chief, the main leader of a fashion magazine called Runway.

She is the one to terrorize new employees and make their life a living hell.

This role kinda reminded me of Cruella De Ville from 101 Dalmations and 102 Dalmations (movies that made me admire Glenn Close so much). The 2 characters are kinda similar: both are fashion gurus, very well dressed women, with a taste for making the others suffer. Still they are different in many ways: Cruella is a singleton, a bit crazy I might add and quite hysterical. On the other hand, The Devil who wears Prada is very calm and her meanness is calculated. She doesn't scream, she barely opens her mouth, but when she does poisoned ironies hit the victims.

She's a successful career woman, who in the end let's us see some of her "personal" side. Nicknamed "the devil", "dragon lady" etc. she runs the magazine with an iron fist, just like a man. The problem is nicely spotted by "Emily" (Andy Sachs as she is called normally): "If Miranda was a man, people wouldn't say this about her" when she gives a reason for not hating Miranda, but understanding her.

If I was to recommend this movie (which I try), I'd say that it's a beautiful and smart comedy. It's filled with witty dialogues, with a good choice for music (very dynamic and en vogue), that type of movie that always keeps you on and grabs your attention with a lot of details.

I would have some things I don't agree with and the main one would be the end. But I think they wanted to make it yet again another "moral" story and ruin the entire plot. No matter how many times I watch it, I still cannot agree with their choice for a "happy ending", but unfortunately we're given a movie and have to deal with it.

Anyway .. if you haven't seen the movie yet: go see it. And so that we pay our respects to those who made it, here's the link to the official site The Devil Wears Prada .. yeah I know it's in Flash and lacks a lot of information it could have given us, but it's not that bad. See for yourself and maybe they can convince you even more to see the movie ..

The Devil Wears Prada at

The story tells the professional adventure of Andrea, whose greatest dream is to become a journalist. Andrea gets a job in the fashion industry through Runway magazine, the most famous of its type, to make ends meet. But Andrea won't develop her writing skills in the magazine, but her talents as the editor in chief's assistant, Miranda. The problem is that Miranda is a merciless, posh and cruel woman, making the experience a living hell for the girl.

The environment in the place will be cold and extremely critical with the physical appearance. The girl will have to change her simple and plain style, for a more trendy and elegant one, in order to gain the acceptance of her ruthless boss and colleagues, specially Emily, her unpleasant workmate. Despite everything against Andrea in the office, she will consider the experience as a challenge, drastically changing her clothes and self-image, with the help of Nigel, the magazine's art director.

Nevertheless, the job becomes extremely demanding, because of Miranda's tough work rhythm and nearly impossible tasks, leaving Andrea without a private life with her boyfriend, family and friends. Maybe the old Andrea has gone, now more preoccupied about her image and her future in the magazine.

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