Sunday, January 7, 2007

I hate "defaults"

Well, it's quite something to start the second post in your own blog with the nice word HATE. But my knowledge fails me into finding something smarter, so HATE it is. I hate defaults.

I have started web design 5 years ago with a template created automatically by Front Page. My first site was made like that. I discovered then the weird fact that I am never pleased with its looks (that's almost like a disease) and that I always try to be .. different.

I realized this again tonight when after creating this inspirational blog (yeah, I wish) before even making the first post I looked to find the template editing options and the CSS. I think I do have a problem. And now, since I am displeased with the way my blog looks I am thinking about how to change it.

It's almost midnight, so I just won't open Photoshop again to make a layout, but be at ease .. a change WILL COME that's for sure.

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