Monday, January 22, 2007

Is death the answer?

This weekend was "special". I had to go to a funeral. I don't like this kind of events (who does in the end), but I had to go. It was the funeral of a neighbour of us, a woman my folks knew well and were quite good neighbours. She is dead now.

She was 77. Lately she had some family problems. Few years ago one of her sons died. He used to drink a lot, had an accident, lost his legs and spent some years in the wheelchair. He was the "bad" son, she didn't love nor help. He died in misery while she was taking care of the younger son.

This young son is 46 now, has a serious drinking problem too and now has no job. Her last months meant fear she might get hurt when he came home drunk, hospital fees (they had to put him into the hospital too) and some health problems that started being more serious as she was getting older.

I remember she came to our apartment few times in the last months to talk to my granma about this ordeal she was going through. She wanted to die.

Few days ago she had a sort of a stroke and was taken to the hospital. In 2 days she paralyzed and her life seemed to be even harded: paralyzed but still conscious, a drunk son with no job, no one to care for her except for her sister (old too) ...

I don't know .. maybe it was the moment for Someone to solve this. She had a second stroke and in 3 days she was dead. Maybe in this case it was a good thing she died. Don't know what to say. It's a serious assumption, I know, but in the end something tells me she is better there.

May her soul rest in peace.

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