Monday, January 8, 2007

The Flu

Almost 1 year ago we had the Bird Flu. Well, in this case many still doubt it was real since NO ONE was sick; this lead many of us to think that it's just another "trick" of some of the Romanian officials who wanted to destroy the local market for poultry and earn more comission from imports. If this seems unbelievable to you, I'll add that in this moment all we do is buy and resell on a higher price. It's not worth it to produce anything anymore, just have few people, a car and resell to death. This is our economy now and we have such corrupt politicians that it's almost like in that Italian series called "La Piovra" ...

So ... everything is still spooky with that Bird Flu and recently some of owners of the biggest chicken farms who had a lot of losses are suing. Nice thing, another scandal to keep us from the daily misery ...

After the bird flu we seem to have another pandemic, this time "normal flu". Almost everyone I know had it or is ill now. And it seems to be quite a tough illness. Most of the "normal" medication fails and they are really sick. As I type this 2 of my coleagues are coughing and have fever. I seem to have escaped this so far. I cannot knock on wood that soon since it can always hit me, but it looks like at least so far I am OK. Was a bit feverish few nights ago, but I took some medication (I always take something called Coldrex) and it worked.

For all those of you who still suffer: I wish you a fast recovery. And here are some pills to make you feel better.

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