Sunday, January 7, 2007

Well ... HELLO

Hello world :D

I recall this is one of the most used texts when people learn about php for instance. The first "code" they make is created to display the "Hello world" text. Well .. Hello world ..

I already started having a "professional blog" on my main webmaster site, Webmaster Tips & Tricks, but that's for business. I needed a rant place of my own and that blog is not quite a good idea for this. I have an image to keep there and some personal grunts from my part won't look that good on it.

This is why I have started this .. maybe I was bored, even if I have SO MANY things to work on. And here I am .. posting rubbish in a subdomain site ... Gee .. I almost feel like 2 years ago when I had my main site hosted on a free host. Well, I am too tired right now to buy a new domain for it (memo to self: I need to pay for the hosting plan this month ... I'll forger .. AGAIN !!!) so I just went on with this.

We'll see what I come up with :D

I think you expect me to tell you something about myself, huh? Well. I am a woman, I'm 28 (God, when did I get so old? :D) and I work at a radio station in my home town. I am Romanian and proud of it ... My main hobby is web design. I started slow with a site 5 years ago and now I have a HUGE list (at least for 1 person to do all the work). I also love music .. GOOD music (we'll talk about this later anyway) and Martial Arts, especially Karate Shotokan since that's what I practice.

I also have a thing about dogs. Love them. I have a dog taken from the streets 7 years ago. As I write this he's whining in the other room to get some more attention. Uff .. sometimes he's just annoying, but still I like having him in the house.

I think that would suffice for a first posts, what do you think?

PS ... have to confess I love Firefox 2.0 (BTW, if you're still on IE, move fast from it :D) .. The spell check option might make me write more correct things. That kinda ruins my "queen of typos" title, but it's OK ...

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